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Be "That Guy" In Your Community

Most of us strive to not be  "That Guy." Normally the term has a negative connotation associated with it and is to be avoided at all cost. And trust me, none of us wants to see you as the traditional "That Guy."  However, we encourage you to be  That Guy when it comes to understanding  civilian response to active shooter events - what to do until - and when law enforcement arrives.

We want you to be That Guy when people need someone to turn to for information about how to respond to active shooter events.  We encourage you to read through this Avoid | Deny | Defend ™ information and share it with your friends, family, neighbors and community.  

We want you to be That Guy who shares this lifesaving, rational plan for Avoiding, Denying and Defending themselves when faced with an active shooter event. Remember that "hiding and wishing for it to be over" are never the most effective responses for survival.

What you do matters. Spread the word.

What You Do Matters.

In the Workplace.
In the Community.

These simple steps can help increase survival in your workplace, your church, your school and other areas in your community. Please feel free to share these vital options - and remind your family and friends to:
• Know Your Surroundings.
• Have A Plan.
• Use Will Power.
• Choose To Survive.

Avoid. Deny. Defend.™

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